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Pro Tiger Balanceboard

NEW Pro Tiger Bongaboard Balance Board

I have recently taken a foray into the world of tattooing and body art… This has been a dream for many years but something Ive never managed for one reason or another, you may have noticed that most of the Bongaboard designs are tattoo based. I have now determined to make it a reality and […]

Surf. Sit. Repeat. Is a fake wave on a Welsh lake about to start a surfing revolution?

In a beautiful Welsh valley with a 360-degree view of green. Dark deep-forested slopes cover one end, lighter grassy rolling hills the rest. There are no beaches. No ocean. No sea cliffs. Just a freshwater mountain reservoir, which is what I’ve been surfing today. Not wakesurfing. Actual surfing, on waves, albeit man-made ones, generated at […]

The Captain’s Purse, our first music and poetry Demo

  Our first demo, The Captain’s Purse, weaves poetry and folk together, in a timeless lament, that crosses the shores of the past, to the present day. The poem written by C Searle, was put to music by singer songwriter Bel Blue and arranged by The 468 collective. The first of our collaborations, we performed […]

Octopus Octobus design

VW T5 Camper Van Octobus Design

Ever since watching Jules Verne’s ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ as a small child I’ve been fascinated by the sea and it’s occupants. Since that time I’ve had a deep respect and fascination of the monsters of the deep, and their environment and have been an active campaigner for both SAS (Surfers against sewage) and […]